— Breathe —

Mathew Molloy

Fine Art Prints

As an artist, Mathew works hard to develop images that speak both to him and to others about the power and beauty of emotion that exists throughout our being.  “I am completely captivated by people, absorbed by portraits and the figure. 

Whether just for my own enjoyment or for private commissions, I love to use my shutter to creatively capture a likeness. Part of my process before I begin is to research as much as I can about the specific set of emotions I am trying to recreate in my images. I do not merely want to capture the images with a close of my shutter, rather with carful, precise tactics to accentuate the concept.   

The challenge, as with any recreation of an emotion, is to not merely capture the energy of the moment, but to add new meaning that can be tied to it”

This series of images is titled Breathe. The images depict the shedding of fear.

White powder softens the form and emphasises gesture in Mathew’s images, acting like brush strokes of light which reverberate from within the subject, penetrating the physical world. Directional studio lighting reflects off the powder plunging the black background further into the darkness and sending the figure forward. In his portraits this sense of emergence from the shadows is strikingly created through a strong contrast of low-key lighting and pin sharp focus. The figures in Mathew’s photographs are illuminated during a thrust of body movement or in anticipation of one. These powerful gestures send hair and dust flying, capturing the energy of the moment and revealing an empowering silhouette. This transportation of body implies a transportation of thought. Mathew’s dark imagery communicates a liberation from anxiety and the freedom from limiting thoughts in an attempt to let go of fear. Look at the images -  Breathe in, Breathe out, remove your fears. Create a life for yourself without the constraint of fear being a part of your decision making.